Long Natural Straight Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Replacement Wig For Women Half Hand Tied

I LOVE this wig. I have not worn it out yet, but I can already tell it is going to be one of my everyday wigs. My sole issue with the wig is that the cap feels too big, despite being listed as having a medium 22.5″ circumference like other wigs I have worn that fit me well. This makes the wig bubble up underneath the lace on the top and sides, which can make the hair look a little unnatural. Hopefully, with a few adjustments, I will be able to remedy this issue. It’s definitely worth trying to find an answer though because this wig is BEAUTIFUL in every other way. Still, this is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

Onto the positives – the wig looks pretty natural just coming out of the packaging, and even the small amount of customization I did helps a lot. The hair is VERY long and pretty thick, so I still need to cut and thin it out (I naturally have VERY thin hair, but I don’t think that the thickness would be an issue for anyone with normal hair thickness). And the color is PERFECT! The roots are not too dark, like others I have tried, and the blonde is a perfect shade. I am going to touch up the roots to make them a little darker to match my own roots, but I would feel comfortable wearing it out with the color as is.

There are two pictures included to show the part before and after plucking and cutting the lace, so you can see what it looks like right out of the packaging and then after I have done a little bit of work on it. After that and a little bit of glue and powder, I know that this is going to look just like my real hair (but better!).

For reference, I have only been wearing wigs for about a month now, and I have bought three of them total. One of these was a human hair wig, but I find myself coming back to my two synthetic wigs uk again and again and ignoring the human hair completely. I can tell that this wig will be no exception to that.