Pre-Plucked Hairline Lace Human Hair Wigs for Black Women

The hair sheds minimally, like, nothing that will drive you or your man insane, lol- I’m sure it’s the hair bundles and not the frontal though, it’s actually pretty well made. The knots appear to have been bleached and the hairline looks like they tried to customize it, but you still need to tweak and freak it a bit. Didn’t have a funky smell.

None really- except they probably could do without the pre customization, but I’m sure if you are a beginner it would be easier to work with.

All in all, curls beautifully, and I get lots of compliments. I will be ordering again because the human hair wigs was actually a little stripper-ish type long- I ordered 22 @ the longest bundle and it touches my butt – I’ve been delivert, I can’t be walking around like that lol! I am grateful for the extra inches though, and as I said I will definitely be ordering soon to make a short unit.

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Lace Front Wig Brazilian Remy Human Hair Water Wave Wigs with Baby Hair

I’m not usually a wig wearer. I ordered 2 brazilian lacefronts from net and this was the lower priced wig. I like this one so much that I sent the other back. The hair looks great. Its a little dry but can be fixed with a little product.

The wig is full without being heavy. I took it to my stylist. She bleached the knots, washed it, cut the lace, plucked the side part and added a little product. She loved this unit for the price.

I don’t glue this down and it fits well with the combs. The cap fit kinda big… my man says I have a big head and this cap still ran a little big to me. I’ll probably gel down the sideburns for the weekend for a tighter fit and play with the baby hair. I think its a great unit for the price and I probably will be ordering another curl pattern.

Brazilian Body Wave Bundles with Closure

So I received the brazilian hair today and I must say this hair is so gorgeous !!!! It is so silky and shiny. I ran my hands through it and I got no shedding AT ALL. It has soo much body and life to it. I am definitely looking forward to making a wig unit out of this hair.

I co-washed the hair and the hair didn’t lose the wave pattern like most other hair textures would. It drys well and is still very soft. This is an initial review straight out of the box, but so far so good. No complaints here.

I can stand by this hair and say that this is quality brazilian hair bundles. And the customer service is superb, they answer all your questions about the hair. I’m loving this hair. Definitely a good buy for those looking for awesome & affordable hair.

Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

This is the best wig I’ve bought so far! It compares to $300 wigs I’ve bought in the past. I got the 18in lace front for $120. It came the same day and is beautiful. It is soft and odorless and extremely comfortable. It has 4 clips so it doesn’t move at all. The hairline has been preplucked, and they did it flawlessly. I didn’t need to do any more. It looks super natural and I have gotten so many compliments on it! It’s not too shiny, making it look more natural.

The only downside, which isn’t a downside for me, is that it is thin. You can feel the tracks. However, it is nowhere near as thin as other wigs I’ve bought, and it isn’t so thin that you can notice it’s thin. It’s very lightweight which is wonderful. I can’t think of any other con.

I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on Friday. I am so happy with this purchase, I hope to purchase more in the future!!!

Long Natural Straight Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Replacement Wig For Women Half Hand Tied

I LOVE this wig. I have not worn it out yet, but I can already tell it is going to be one of my everyday wigs. My sole issue with the wig is that the cap feels too big, despite being listed as having a medium 22.5″ circumference like other wigs I have worn that fit me well. This makes the wig bubble up underneath the lace on the top and sides, which can make the hair look a little unnatural. Hopefully, with a few adjustments, I will be able to remedy this issue. It’s definitely worth trying to find an answer though because this wig is BEAUTIFUL in every other way. Still, this is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

Onto the positives – the wig looks pretty natural just coming out of the packaging, and even the small amount of customization I did helps a lot. The hair is VERY long and pretty thick, so I still need to cut and thin it out (I naturally have VERY thin hair, but I don’t think that the thickness would be an issue for anyone with normal hair thickness). And the color is PERFECT! The roots are not too dark, like others I have tried, and the blonde is a perfect shade. I am going to touch up the roots to make them a little darker to match my own roots, but I would feel comfortable wearing it out with the color as is.

There are two pictures included to show the part before and after plucking and cutting the lace, so you can see what it looks like right out of the packaging and then after I have done a little bit of work on it. After that and a little bit of glue and powder, I know that this is going to look just like my real hair (but better!).

For reference, I have only been wearing wigs for about a month now, and I have bought three of them total. One of these was a human hair wig, but I find myself coming back to my two synthetic wigs uk again and again and ignoring the human hair completely. I can tell that this wig will be no exception to that.

Ombre Wig Brown To Ash Blonde High Density Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Weave Full Wigs For Women

I love this wig! I was skeptical about purchasing for several reasons, but I really wanted a wig without bangs as I can’t tolerate bangs and most wigs come with bangs to hide the cap. I figured for the price if it works great and if not it’s not s huge hole in my pocket.

Well this wig exceeded my expectations! I’m constantly getting compliments on it, and so many people telling me they didn’t even realize it was a wig etc. it looks super natural and everyone loves the ombré look it has! My only complaint is that it does shed more than my other wigs and is on the slightly heavier side compared to my other wigs.

Also it has metal hair pieces to attach to your hair, if you’re dealing with hair loss like me they can be uncomfortable at first but as you adjust to the wig you eventually forget they’re there. If you’re dealing with hairloss though I highly recommend this wig!

Brazilian Short Curly Bob Human Hair Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair for Black Women

What I love about this Lace is the wide area of lace in the front and around the sides. Some lace wigs only have barely an inch of lace for the part and on the sides. The hair is soft with loose curls as stated. This lace that I received is a very loose curl pattern,

The next day I combed it through, parted it, and combed one side behind the ear. I added two extra pictures. Overall, it,s a very lovely unit
I washed it, and used a leave in conditioner, there was very, very, very little shedding.

I taped the lace down, just with regular tape so that it will lay flat. The pictures are of the Unit slightly wet. But it dried beautifully, no hardness, the hair is soft with no kinks of knots. After I washed and conditioned the Unit, It came out so good, I ordered another one.

I am updating this after a few weeks of wearing it and washing it. I must say, most human hair wigs I’ve gotten. not from this seller or Amazon, after I’ve washed and condition them, they “matt” something terrible. This hair continues to stay soft, no matting. I have washed it at least 8 times, just to see if it holds up. And it does, wonderfully!!

While drying on the mannequin, I turn it upside down, after it dries I like my “unit” to look full, and not just laying flat.

Lace Front Wigs Natural Brown Wigs For Women Synthetic Long Wave Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Costume Wigs 26inch

This is a very well made wig, comes pre-styled with loose waves. I love this wig!! It exceeded my expectations. The hair is so soft, it almost feels real! It doesn’t tangle too easily! I’ve worn it a few times and it only got some slight tangles that are easy to brush out! The dark brown color is gorgeous, and it’s so long! It looks very natural and i’ve even gotten a few compliments on it!

This is the second wig I have ordered from this company and was completely impressed both times. The wig was accompanied by wig tape, a wig cap, and a hair net…. and yes, I will be using the hairnet, not because I work in food service… because I found it quite fetching HA. Love the brand, quality, and continue to be amazed by their products! PS If you are into styling wigs, these do very well! The previous one I ordered is almost two years old, and I have reset and styled it too many times to count. It still holds up quite nicely!