Ombre Wig Brown To Ash Blonde High Density Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Weave Full Wigs For Women

I love this wig! I was skeptical about purchasing for several reasons, but I really wanted a wig without bangs as I can’t tolerate bangs and most wigs come with bangs to hide the cap. I figured for the price if it works great and if not it’s not s huge hole in my pocket.

Well this wig exceeded my expectations! I’m constantly getting compliments on it, and so many people telling me they didn’t even realize it was a wig etc. it looks super natural and everyone loves the ombré look it has! My only complaint is that it does shed more than my other wigs and is on the slightly heavier side compared to my other wigs.

Also it has metal hair pieces to attach to your hair, if you’re dealing with hair loss like me they can be uncomfortable at first but as you adjust to the wig you eventually forget they’re there. If you’re dealing with hairloss though I highly recommend this wig!